Reviews of The Rise of David Duke 

"Tyler Bridges, one of the top political reporters in the South, has written an outstanding biography of one of the South's most notorious politicians, the irrepressible David Duke. Thoroughly researched, wonderfully written and a compulsive read, Bridges' book helps us understand Duke's amazing appeal. In a brilliant conclusion, Bridges provides a penetrating analysis of the Edwin Edwards-Duke race for governor - and shows us why we are not done with David Duke."
- best-selling historian Stephen Ambrose 
A sobering, solidly researched portrait of the politically adept ``twisted fanatic'' who gained a majority of white votes in two statewide Louisiana races. A New Orleans Times-Picayune reporter who covered Duke's senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns from 1990 to 1992, Bridges speculates that Duke, a junior high school outcast whose father was often absent and whose mother was often drunk, found order and release in Nazi ideology. The rest of his book covers Duke's past..." -
- Kirkus Review

The Rise and Fall of  David Duke


This is an update of a 1994 biography of David Duke, the country's most notorious racist and anti-Semite. The original book charted his political rise when he became a household name by championing white rights while running for governor in Louisiana. The updated version features a new title reflecting Duke's new political reality. It also includes four new chapters that outline Duke's political fall at the same time that the emergence of Donald Trump has given the former Klan grand wizard new visibility. The final chapter describes Duke's role in the 2017 Charlottesville protest. Duke may no longer count on widespread political support, but the Republican Party, led by Trump, has embraced many of the ideas that he pushed in the early 1990s during his political heyday.

Long Shot: A Soldier, A Senator, A Serious Sin, An Epic Louisiana Election

 Reviews of Long Shot 

Two of this state’s best political reporters have combined their talents to write “Long Shot,” a welldocumented insider story of how Gov. John Bel Edwards defied the experts to become the first Democrat to win statewide office in Louisiana since 2008.
—Lanny Keller, The Advocate
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Only in a state whose politics are notoriously wild could a United States senator best known for his involvement in a sex scandal still be considered the odds-on favorite for governor. And only in Louisiana could a small-town lawmaker flip that script with the help of private investigators, a rogue sheriff, a purple party bus, a gaggle of trial lawyers, and an ad blitz questioning the front runner’s choice of “prostitutes over patriots.”

Long Shot is the story of Louisiana’s 2015 race for governor — but the story of John Bel Edwards’ improbable victory over David Vitter holds lessons for candidates and voters in all 50 states. It’s an inconceivable and sometimes hysterical odyssey that unfolds against the unique backdrop of Louisiana’s back roads, bayous, barrooms, and ballrooms.

Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford, two veteran political reporters in Louisiana, take readers deep into the inner workings of the Edwards and Vitter campaigns. To document this unforgettable ride, they interviewed more than 100 of the people who cut the deals, launched the attacks, and even played both sides. Clancy DuBos, one of the state’s foremost political analysts, brought his tremendous knowledge to bear as he edited the book.

Long Shot is a can’t-put-it-down romp about the unforgiving terrain of Bayou State politics and the people who are trying to tame it. With never-before-published details on the 2015 race as well as Louisiana’s storied past, this is a must-have addition to any serious political bookshelf.

Bad Bet on the Bayou: The Rise of Gambling in Louisiana and the Fall of Governor Edwin Edwards

An outrageous tale of fast cash, dirty politics, and extravagant greed in the Bayou State.


Louisiana is our most exotic state. It is religious and roguish, a place populated by Cajuns, Creoles, rednecks, and Bible-thumpers. It is a state that loves good food, good music, and good times. Laissez les bon temps rouler -- let the good times roll -- is the unofficial motto. Louisiana is also excessively corrupt.In the 1990s, it plunged headlong into legalized gambling, authorizing more games of chance than any other state. Leading the charge was Governor Edwin Edwards, who for years had flaunted his fondness for cold cash and high-stakes gambling, and who had used his razor-sharp mind and catlike reflexes to stay one step ahead of the law. Gambling, Edwin Edwards, and Louisiana's political culture would prove to be a combustible mix.


Bad Bet on the Bayou tells the story of what happened when the most corrupt industry came to our most corrupt state. It is a sweeping morality tale about commerce, politics, and what happens when the law catches up to the most basic human desires and frailties.

Reviews of Best Bet

"All my life I had heard tales of the morass of special favors and outright corruption that is, historically, the world of Louisiana politics. But I had no idea. Tyler Bridges impressively shows just how many shenanigans went on in the birth and growth of gambling in Louisiana and how it ultimately contributed to the criminal prosecution of Edwin Edwards. In the process he takes us on a tour of those famous smoky back rooms and through the avarices of some of the state's most influential movers and shakers."
- Rick Bragg, author of All Over but the Shoutin'
"A riveting saga of political corruption...No investigative reporter has a shrewder grasp of Louisiana politics than Tyler Bridges."
- Douglas Brinkley, Director of the Eisenhower Center and Professor of History at the University of New Orleans
"Bridges writes with command and ease about this byzantine and squalid enterprise…Highly entertaining"
- Kirkus Reviews
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